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Secret Letter Society

The Secret Letter Society is a new middle grade novel from Sharon Scott:

Jenna Strange is in trouble. Again. After being suspended from school for the third time and scaring off yet another housekeeper, she’s being subjected to the worst punishment any rebellious 11-year-old can imagine – spending the weekend with her parents and her perfect sister.

At the Wayfarer Inn, Jenna looks for ways to cause trouble until she meets a group of young misfits who travel to the inn every Halloween to read the Secret Letters. When Jenna inadvertently discovers a letter that contains a 250-year old mystery, they set out to locate Blackbeard’s lost treasure. Together, they brave deadly riddles, escape a deadly madman, face Blackbeard’s ghost, and discover there is more to the legend of Blackbeard than History tells.

Secret Letter Society gets 4 out of 4 stars from Online Book Club! read the review here.

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The Secret Letter Society

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